The Pulse: Shohei’s Next Team?

The Pulse: Shohei's Next Team?


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good morning! Seriously, did you steal my signs?

Hot oven: All eyes on Otani

The Cubs kicked off the MLB season with Monday. Craig Counsell coup, raising eyebrows in the sport. It can only be the beginning of a very intense winter.

Jim Bowden published 24 season predictions, which gave my eyebrows a workout. The full list is worth reading.But I’d like to highlight a few that got me steaming:

Shohei Ohtani signs with Texas. Almost unfair, right? Will they ride an unforgettable postseason wave to the franchise’s first World Series and find a player with the ability to survive? And Would you take it from a classmate? Spicy, sweet and wonderful.

The Yankees land Juan Soto. Another flash of slack, and a needed one, considering the level of anger/apathy in the New York fan base right now. Bowden’s Bonus: The Yankees also signed Japanese star Yoshinobu Yamamoto to a big deal. The juice is back in the Bronx. Imagine how many dingers Soto, Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton would hit.
Citizens hire Theo Epstein. That will be determined when the group is sold and Epstein joins the new ownership group as CEO and president. The architect of former World Series wins in Chicago and Boston has served as a league consultant since 2020.

The A’s have completed their Las Vegas campaignPlaying one final season in Oakland and building a new three-story stadium in a souped-up Triple-A park in Vegas.

See all 24 predictions hereIncluding the return of Yadier Molina, robot umps and more.

Differences: More layers in the Michigan scandal

We must make room for this sign-stealing brouhaha every day. Today’s update:

Michigan informed the Big Ten that personnel from Ohio State, Rutgers and Purdue shared intel on the Wolverines’ signs. Before last year’s conference title game. Naturally, Michigan isn’t alone in stealing signs, using the information.

But here there is a division, and the former Purdue assistant who informed Michigan about the incident has our full story here. Bottom line: All schools try to steal each other’s marks. This assistant estimated that he spent 10 to 12 hours a week. Watching television broadcasts and trying to decipher the signals of other groups.

But staff flying to other teams’ games and personally recording signals is different. According to several sources in that story, information sharing is common. They are not rings that can be scanned in person.

What is the equivalent truth here? This practice has gray areas, and it could be an even uglier situation if the Big Ten imposes any penalties on Michigan.

Meanwhile, this continues for Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh in another sparkling regular season. And that brings us to the next Pulse Poll.Where is Harbaugh next season? Your options are:

Back in the NFL like nothing happened back in Michigan, and it doesn’t want to be either.

Cast your vote here.

News to know

Cowboys reach the pastDallas signed receiver Martavis Bryant, who last played in 2018. The news was announced shortly after Bryant was reinstated after a five-year suspension for violating the team’s substance abuse policy. But it is a step It is unclear how much the 31-year-old will play..

That’s Carson Wentz’s music.The Rams signed Wentz, who was out of football this year, according to a league source. Strengthening the QB depth chart That was slim because of Matthew Stafford’s ongoing injury issue. This is Wentz’s fourth team in as many seasons. Expect him to start after the Rams week if Stafford is still shut out.

Wagner was suspendedMLS announced yesterday that Philadelphia Union defender Kai Wagner has been suspended three games for violating the league’s on-field anti-discrimination policy. The suspension comes a week after the New England Revolution filed a complaint alleging Wagner made a racial slur against Revs outfielder Bobby Wood. See all the details here.

More news

Big words: A few weeks?

A brief scene around Monday Night Football caught his ear: Jets veteran Aaron Rodgers, talking to Chargers safety Derwin James after the New York Blast loss, told James he’d be back in “a few weeks.” Everyone was surprised, but:

Yes, we’ve seen Rodgers make his progress public. This week he was throwing 50-yard bombs For the staff before the game, it was an unusual development for the 39-year-old, who had surgery on a torn Achilles tendon two months ago. But “a few weeks” would be an unprecedented timeline.

Rogers clarified that his comments yesterday were “tongue-in-cheek,” but offered an updated timeline: “A few weeks.” For those unfamiliar with Civil War era English, that translates to six weeks, meaning that Christmas Eve could theoretically be returned to the commanders.

New York wants himAnd even Rogers He said yesterday. The offense is “not doing our part” for the 4-4 Jets, who need to stay in the game to make Rodgers’ return worthwhile. Until then, the schedule It’s challenging..

Check out this game

Trying something new today: We’ll pick one or two games each night that will allow room to watch. Two contests that should be on your radar tonight:

1. NBA: Spurs at Knicks7:30 pm ET on ESPNVictor Wembanyama Meet Madison Square Garden. Click.

2. MLS: Union at Revolution 7 pm ET on Apple TV+Philadelphia is up 1-0 in this best-of-3 series. A win sends them to the conference semifinals.

Heart rate choices

Four seconds, eight pitches, one shift. has been Greg KoehlerAn entire NHL playing career, with little fault in itself. Peter Baugh caught up with Koehler, now 48, b One of the most memorable stories you will read this week. I loved this one.

What does a 12 team college football game Looks like this week? We had a lot of activity downstairs. Top four.

Linebackers Blake Martinez He returned to the NFL after proudly retiring a year ago to sell Pokemon cards. Did he do some cheating? Joseph Persson and Zach Kiefer A wild story unfolded.

which has Bill Belichick Is the room missing? It certainly seems so.

Yankees Owner Hal Steinbrenner Big changes are promising after the team’s worst season in recent memory. He has provided little substance so far, though.

On the Athletics NBA Show, sixth Play-by-play announcer Kate Scott stopped by Surprisingly, they talked about Philly’s good start Post-Harden. More on this topic this week.

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