TGL’s opening season has been extended to 2025

TGL's opening season has been extended to 2025

TGL has pushed back its opening date to early 2025 after damage to the tech-enhanced golf league arena during construction. Here’s what you need to know:

The league said in a statement that a temporary failure of the power system and backup system used during construction caused the arena’s dome to collapse. The deflation then damaged an air-supported dome inside the station. No one was injured and most of the technology was unaffected, TGL said. TGL decided to extend the season until 2025, taking into account construction schedules, player schedules and the major sports television calendar. The first TGL match is scheduled for January 9, 2024 at the SoFi Center, an indoor arena being built on the campus of Palm Beach State College in Palm Beach Gardens.

What are they saying?

Tiger Woods, who co-chairs the TGL with Rory McIlroy, said: “While the events of the past week have forced us to make adjustments to our timelines, I am fully confident that this concept will come through with the greatest commitment of our players.” press release.

“The extension brings mixed feelings of frustration and excitement,” McIlroy added. Above all, we are happy that no one was hurt. We look forward to the launch of TGL. Given the circumstances, while the delay is disappointing, the extension will allow us to regroup, focus and come back stronger.

Back story

TGL, which stands for Tomorrow’s Golf League, is the PGA Tour’s newest premier golf league, led by Woods and McIlroy. The Sophie Center will feature weekly, two-hour matches with state-of-the-art simulated and physical greens and bunkers.

Six teams of four PGA Tour players, all wearing microphones, face off in match play. Each team is expected to play 15 regular season games five times. To incorporate the atmosphere of other sports into the golf format, TGL will have a shot clock and timeout.

Woods, McIlory, Justin Thomas, Colin Morikawa, Keegan Bradley, Adam Scott and Tyrell Hatton have signed up to play for TGL teams.

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