Rams vs Cowboys LIVE: Recap and Analysis

Rams vs Cowboys LIVE: Recap and Analysis

Mike McCarthy is an offensive coach. In 30 years in the NFL, he has held all kinds of titles, from offensive quality control coach, quarterbacks coach, offensive coordinator and, his long-held title, serving as head coach and play caller.

So, when asked what the identity of the Dallas Cowboys offense was on Oct. 9, McCarthy turned his attention to the other side of the ball.

“I think it’s a matter of who you want to be and who you think you are,” McCarthy said. “I have coached a striker-led team for many years. But this team is all about defense, let’s make no bones about it. This is not a small offense. We want to score as many points as anyone and we are not playing to lose. Do not mix the message here. We play defense. That’s the strength of our team.”

Those words from McCarthy came less than 24 hours after the Cowboys’ defense laid a giant egg in San Francisco, giving up 42 points. The Cowboys offense only scored 10 points in that game, but McCarthy’s pecking order made it clear what the 2023 Cowboys engine is.

McCarthy’s sights were solidified in the Cowboys’ 43-20 win over the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday.

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