Home Soccer MLS Fans share their thoughts on MLS newcomers San Diego FC

Fans share their thoughts on MLS newcomers San Diego FC

Fans share their thoughts on MLS newcomers San Diego FC

If there was any doubt about the local appetite for an MLS franchise, San Diego FC’s brand announcement on Friday confirmed why the Southern California market is an ideal choice.

Hours before the event’s 7:30 p.m. kickoff, a long line of nearly 8,000 fans — around 8,000, according to club CEO Tom Penn — formed around Snapdragon Stadium, home of the NWSL’s San Diego Wave and future home of San Diego FC. The franchise is set for its first season in 2025. Fans dressed in the colors of their favorite Premier League and La Liga clubs, as well as the Wave and San Diego Loyal.

While San Diego FC was content to distance itself from a public feud with the Faithful, Penn announced that the Faithful will be their last this season at the event, going so far as to publicly wish the club good luck in the upcoming USL Championship playoffs. In response to the announcement of San Diego FC as the latest MLS franchise.

Co-owned by the USMNT and MLS legend Landon Donovan, Loyal was one of the USL’s most successful franchises with one of the league’s most enthusiastic and passionate fans. The club has reached the postseason in 2020 – the league’s first year – and 2021 and will face the Phoenix Rising in the quarterfinals of the USL Championship Conference on Saturday. The club It could have continued operating until 2024, when it would have been the only men’s professional soccer club playing competitive games, competing with an MLS franchise for more money and a bigger stadium (the faithful’s 6,000-seat Torero Stadium, which is less than Snapdragon’s 29,000). .

Given the mixed loyalties caused by the faithful’s strike this season and the city’s excitement at finally landing an MLS franchise, most fans The athletics San Diego fans are hoping to loyally support the new club.

“It’s a shame we don’t have Faith here at the USL level,” said TJ, a San Diego native who attended the event wearing a Faith jersey. But I think the whole community and I are happy to have an MLS franchise. The league has done a lot of expansion over the last decade, so it’s great to be a part of that.

“The Loyalists came in at a good time and developed a good trust and built a good thing in the community,” said Angel, who goes to Loyal matches with TJ. “I think it’s great that MLS is coming to town, but it’s unfortunate that it costs a lot of people to use a home club that means so much.

But I think the real tragedy is losing Charlie as a kit maker! Unlike the carbon copy Adidas MLS jerseys, they come with such unique and great designs. This is actually the worst part for me. We’re losing good stuff!”

The fans eagerly await the event The athletics The San Diego FC brand tapped into general opinion, evident from signs leading up to the event. According to the strong color scheme Wave And FaithfulWith the most impressive kits, badges and logos in the NWSL and USL, many fans are troubled by the MLS club’s efforts, which asked Costa Rican design company Pupilla to help. Product identification b Costa Rican Football Federation.

The club “It’s rubbish,” said Ryan, who will switch allegiance from Loyalty to San Diego FC when he starts playing in 2025. It misses the mark on everything. Like, they nailed all the lines. We have 18 communities here… Yes, that’s great. I was born and raised here. Everything else has nothing to do with the city except its name.

Yet, the negative feeling – it dominated the social media discussion afterwards The athletics released the news The branding of the club A day before the event – the club’s ‘Chrome and Azul’ primary colors and shield caps were not rolled out across the entire San Diego FC fan base. As the fan park filled up, the merch booth got busier and busier, and by the end of the night most of the fans in attendance were wearing hats, t-shirts, or hoodies emblazoned with San Diego FC.

Additionally, a major part of being a fan of an MLS club is the chance to support a club and watch some of the world’s best players, rather than developing a branding style that has failed to debut and win men’s soccer. the masses.

“I think the color scheme is amazing; you can do a lot with it,” said Henry, who is getting ready to attend a men’s professional soccer club in America for the first time. “I’m excited to see a men’s team, an MLS team here. It’s not American soccer; it’s world soccer! Part of San Diego We are very excited to be.

“San Diego is such a melting pot; we’re so close to Mexico, and there are so many different nationalities. Here, soccer is a sport that brings together so many people from so many backgrounds, and I think the club has pointed the way for that.”

Club Bottom San Diego is said to be focused on four “principle virtues,” which include “compliment, not pride, but loudness, diversity, and a state of flow.” That flow aspect is evident in the central part of the facade, which the club notes is comprised of “18 lines representing the communities of San Diego County.”

“The flow shows how we play at the highest level while embracing San Diego’s unique rhythm of life,” the club said.

As the fans left the stadium, there was a palpable sense of genuine excitement and excitement for the new MLS franchise. While the club’s branding may take some time to resonate with the city you’re used to sporting in-your-face colors, San Diego and its people are more than ready to host top-level soccer.

(Photo courtesy of San Diego FC)