EAFC 24: Five key tips to boost your ultimate team

EAFC 24: Five key tips to boost your ultimate team

High level players in FC 24 often spend real money to participate in the game, but that is not a viable option for many people.

There are many different things you can do to help improve your chances of success that don’t require entering credit card details.

So, here are Athletics’ five key tips for growing your Ultimate team in FC 24.

A soul-destroying ‘abduction’

Some of the rewards in Ultimate Team mode on FC 24 aren’t worth much, while others are worth the trouble.

You need to play Squad Battles game mode on beginner difficulty and set funny scorelines to beat different levels to get high value packs that will make you good players.

The main thing is to play against the computer (an easier opponent than to face other players online) with a simple game difficulty (beginner) and slowly but surely collect the king’s ransom. Many games end with rugby score lines.

You win games 33-0 and have to repeat the process until you clear all the relevant levels. For example, scoring 100 goals in any game mode in FUT will earn you a value pack, but it may take you three or four games to reach that benchmark.

I used this same ‘hack’ and Rachel Daly’s stat line in six games on FUT read as follows: Six games 37 goals, 23 assists. In packs I’ve been awarded for this nonsense, Joshua Kimmich (88 overall), Christian Endler (88 overall), Manuel Neuer (87 overall) and Becky Sauerbrunn (85 overall) as well as many others. Players rated 80 and above.

Gettyimages 1483359169 Scaled

Jack Grealish fights Joshua Kimmich (Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images)

It’s boring and you question your survival, but eventually, if you reach certain levels, you’ll have a better team to work with in FUT.

The players you get in the package are not for sale, which means that they cannot be sold, but when you start, this is not so important. Getting as many high-rated players as you can, even if they can’t be sold to generate more FUT Coins, is useful as they help you win games or use them in various Squad Building Challenges (SBCs).

Not every chapter gives you a significant reward. For example, after scoring 500 goals, you will only get a pitch trophy, but after scoring 100 goals, you will get a FUT pack. With that in mind, here’s a list of important milestones to hit and the rewards each chapter brings.



100 goals

Occasionally a mega package

250 goals

Jumbo rare players pack

75 good goals

Occasionally a mega package

50 energy shots

Mega package

10 chip shot

Two rare gold players pack

50 volleys

Premium Gold Players Pack

25 supports

Gold package

50 assists

Two rare gold players pack

150 grants

Premium Gold Players Pack

300 grants

Occasionally a mega package

400 grants

Jumbo rare players pack

Group battles

When starting out on FUT, it’s best to play against the computer while building your team. Feel free to play against other players online if you want, but the fact is, unless you are a good player, your opponents will often win because their team is so much better than yours.

Use the Squad Battles feature to build and run your squad, where you only play against the computer to earn weekly rewards.

After playing a maximum of 32 matches in a seven-day period of Squad Battles, you’ll earn rewards based on your points. If you play 32 games at the professional or international level and win most of them, you should get some good rewards.

The rewards usually include a combination of FUT packs, coins, and XP points. For example, if you reach the ‘Elite 1’ level, you will get 22,000 coins, 700 XP and two Rare Players Packs.

If you don’t like playing against the computer and want to play with other people online, don’t stop when you’re in Squad Battle. Even if you’re 3-0 down at half-time, you better persevere or you won’t get anything for your trouble. If you’re losing badly and feel like ‘stopping rage’, leave the control pad in place and do something else for five minutes while the second half plays.

Use evolution

Now it’s possible to upgrade a player’s overall level in FUT, but unlike career mode, those upgrades are often incremental and you can’t always choose which players you want to upgrade.

It is still useful for players to use the evolution feature to level up as much as possible. For example, in my FUT team, my Leon Bailey version went from 79 overall to 81 after using Founders Evolution.

To meet the requirements, you usually need to win a few games on Squad Battles to improve the overall level of the player.

There are also some players who could stand to benefit the most from the evolution. Manchester United midfielder Koby Maino is one of the most popular cards in EAFC 24 despite his overall rating of 62.

Kobbie Mainoo 1 Scaled

Kobi Maino in action during a pre-season friendly against Lyon (Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

The reason Maino is so popular is because he can benefit from the Golden Glow Up Evolution. In short, if you win a few games with him in your squad in Squad Battles, his overall rating can jump from 62 to 82.

But minnows are rare. Most players won’t be able to experience this kind of jump, but it’s still worth using the evolution feature whenever possible.

Make smart signatures

If you have the latest version of FC 24, you will get 4600 FC points so you can start your FUT journey with advantage. After buying those packs, you can sell most of the items you receive to generate coins to buy better players.

If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll need to grind a few games to earn coins using your starting team. You usually get at least 400 coins for winning a match on FUT, that’s why I suggest playing Squad Battles before tackling other game modes like Rivals or Champions in FUT.

Gettyimages 1456624595 Scaled E1678262454509

At 81, Bernd Leno is a smart signing (Stu Forster/Getty Images)

Here’s one of my first teams on FUT in FC 24 that can serve as a template to help get your team going. All the players listed were very cheap to sign.

Goalkeeper = Bernd Leno (81 total, 750 coins)

Defenders = Alex Moreno (Total 80, 850 coins), Nathan Ake (Total 81, 950 coins), Mark Guhi (Total 78, 450 coins), Pedro Poro (Total 81, 850 coins)

Midfielders = Tyler Adams (78 overall, 700 coins), Joe Wheelock (78 overall, 700 coins), Jeffrey Schlupp (76 overall, 700 coins)

Forwards = Luis Sinisterra (78 overall, 650 cents), Noni Maduke (77 overall, 450 cents), Callum Wilson (82 overall, 700 cents)

We have also provided a complete list of the best cheap players to sign for your Ultimate team in FC 24.

Squad building challenges

Often the players you find when opening FUT packs are of no use to your team, but that doesn’t mean they’re worthless.

Use SBCs to trade your deadwood in your club for rare players or FUT packs. Sometimes it can be useful to buy certain players to complete SBC.

SBCs that offer you a rare player in return are very difficult to complete at first. For example, to get James Maddison’s (86 overall) player of the month, you would need to swap two teams: one with players based in England and a team with at least 83 team rank and players from the Premier League. League minimum 85 overall team rating.

Below is a list of SBCs to complete and perform well when starting your FUT journey with FC 24.

Squad building challengeAward

Foundations I

Two player package

Foundations II

Premium loan player reward package

Foundations III

Two rare gold players pack

Foundations IV

Two rare gold players pack

Gold upgrade

Two rare gold players pack