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Bears vs Chargers LIVE: Recap and Analysis

Bears vs Chargers LIVE: Recap and Analysis

The Chicago Bears and Los Angeles Chargers entered Sunday night with the same number of wins, but not the same number of All-Star players.

The multipliers. Impact players. Game changers.

The Chargers have Justin Herbert, Keenan Allen, Khalil Mack, Joey Bosa and Derwin James.

The Bears have DJ Moore.

Those differences were highlighted Sunday night, when the Chargers’ top players — especially Herbert — played at a high level and the Bears didn’t make enough key stops or big plays on defense.

They circled who each team would handle, and one team did better, the Chargers winning 30-13.

“He wasn’t up to our standards,” Bears linebacker TJ Edwards said. “I felt like I left some games out there. It’s back to basics. That’s where they got us today. I thought we had a good plan but sometimes we didn’t execute.

Edwards echoed the point we hear from players on the losing side that those in the winning locker room “get paid just as well.”

“Every team has good players. They have guys who can miss you,” he said. “And they get paid a lot of money. At the end of the day it’s just technique. We have to find a way to take them down, get more numbers into the pile. That’s what drives me nuts, just making the plays that I know I can make. I will definitely put them down.

What we saw on Sunday night was that the Chargers’ best players were better than the Bears.

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