Bayern Munich vs Man United live updates

Bayern Munich vs Man United live updates

Many Athletics subscribers have been giving their views on our match day chat – you’ll find them here.

Mathias R: We are in the 6th game of the current season with 9 players away. Before we start panicking, let’s see where we are at Christmas.

David O: So the bottom line is, was it a mistake and a dodgy pen that failed to crush the German champions on their own turf? CL Glory, here we are!

Dominic E: 4-3 wouldn’t have been a bad result, if it looked like we deserved it. Our defensive organization is shocking, the number of goals we’ve conceded from frees in the area is mind boggling. It’s nothing new, it happened last season, and it’s not getting fixed.

Sridhar K: Interesting view. In my opinion, our team is as bad as it has been in these past matches and we have many players injured. Be patient guys.